My French kitchen in Columbus

imageOne of my greatest pleasures chez moi en France is shopping at the local markets and cooking. I’ve now found a way to bring that passion back to Ohio with EatWith! As Ohio’s first EatWith host, I invite guests into my home for a French dinner made with organic and, whenever possible, locally sourced ingredients. After attending a dinner in Paris as a guest, I knew I wanted to be a host. Find out about EatWith offerings (including mine) the world over here.

Of course, I always use Gourmet Salt Blends. Wet cured salts have become essential to my cooking.

Too many people are afraid of trying French recipes. My menus feature every day French dishes that are eaten at home, and I always send my guests home with copies of all the recipes used in the dinner. I share information about the French way of cooking and dining at home while I dine with my guests. I love sharing my home and my cooking. Come eat with me!

There’s an article about me and EatWith in this week’s Columbus Alive. Check it out here.

A local food blogger, Mark Anthony Arceno, came to the test run of my Provençal offering and wrote about it. He has a fascinating food blog, one worth following. Read what he had to say about the dinner here.

Bon appetit my friends!


2 thoughts on “My French kitchen in Columbus

  1. Kim it was my pleasure having you! I know I am very fortunate to be able to experience life in France as I do, and I love to share my passion for all things French. The celery soup is a fantastic recipe. I hope your Mom enjoys making it in Florida. It’s not necessary to add creme fraiche. To keep it lighter, use a dollop of fat free sour cream or don’t use anything at all! It’s also super good with limb crab meat or shrimp. Let me know how you like the salts, too. Thank you for eating with me!

  2. Tess, it was such a pleasure getting to meet you, your daughter and friends along with dining with you too. We loved the entire French meal that you prepared and served to us. We also enjoyed you sharing your knowledge about France and the French cuisine. It was such a lovely night that will not be forgotten. You are the perfect host and I look forward to making my own celery soup very soon and using the samples of gourmet salt blends that you shared with us. 🙂
    Thanks again!

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