Chill Your Wine In No Time!

As Ohio’s first and only EatWith host, I always want the right wine ready for the table when my guests arrive. No one wants to drink warm sauvignon blanc, right?  That’s what I TRY to do, but it doesn’t always work out that way! It’s best to chill wine is to leave it in the fridge overnight and remove it about 30 minutes before serving.  If you forget or if you didn’t chill enough, don’t worry. There is a shortcut! I’ve tried it and it works!

  1. Fill a container large enough to hold your bottle(s) half way with cold water. If it’s just one bottle, a large food storage container works. If it’s several bottles, try a cooler.
  2. Add one cup salt (any kind will do) and stir.
  3. Immerse your bottle of wine
  4. Add ice until container is nearly full.
  5. Combine ice and water. Move bottle around, making sure it stays immersed. Repeat every few minutes.

In just TEN MINUTES, your wine will be perfectly chilled! 

You could also stick your bottle in the freezer. However, not only will it take longer, you might just forget it (like me). You DON’T want to forget it, trust me.

Once my wine is ready for the table, I really love using my terra cotta wine cooler to keep it at just the right temperature. I’ve had a few of these for years. You simply fill it with cold water for ten minutes, empty the water and it’s ready to go. No ice bags or buckets to fuss with.



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