Lunch with Friends in the Langue D’Oc

I was invited to lunch by a lovely French couple who have a beautiful home in Agde (lucky them!). So fabulous was this lunch that I had to share it with you.  Agde, one of the oldest towns in France, was founded by Pheonicians from Massilia (Marsailles) in the 5th century BC. Prior to that, it was a Gallic village. The Statue of the Republic in Agde is particularly lovely.  

Looking out over tiled rooftops to the blue Etang-du-Thau (Thau lagoon) in the distance, my hosts treated me to a leasurly, delicious lunch. 

We began with red, yellow and green tomatoes from their garden, lightly dressed with vinegar and oil and a pinch of salt and pepper and accompanied by a fresh, sharp pistou (pesto), pain de compagne (whole grain bread) and a crisp, cold Rosé de Bessan from the Langue D’Oc. 

I eagerly anticipated the main course being prepared by my host, Brochettes de Canard (grilled skewers of duck). The aroma made my mouth water!  

I was not disappointed when main course was placed before me. The brochette was accompanied by seared foie gras de canard (duck liver pâté) on toast and apples sautéed in butter. A Pinot Noir was poured. I was in heaven. 

Next, la fromage (the cheese)! My hosts continued to impress by presenting fresh cheese fait au maison (home made) flavored with garlic, scallions, parsley and a few generous grinds of pepper. This is a true Mediterranean dish, and the cool, creamy cheese was the perfect contrast on a summer’s day. 

Finally, the dessert…tiny, to-die-for sweet strawberries, lightly sugared. Every aspect of the menu was outstanding with the courses perfectly balanced, the wine paired so very well and the table beautifully set. I will never forget this dejuener (lunch) with the most lovely of hosts. Merci beaucoup un million de fois Bernard et Marit!

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