Just Another Trip to the Grocery Store. In France. 

I am often asked why I love France so much that I have a home here (and am looking for another). I give you a trip to the grocery store and lunch in the grocery store restaurant (because it has one, of course). Keep in mind that these are pictures of just some of it (left out the boucherie, patisserie etc etc etc so as not to overwhelm my readers). Enjoy!


And dejuener (lunch). Salade Robochon. Salad, Tomatoes, Small Roasted Potatoes, Melted Reblochon Cheese, Dried Ham dressed with a mustard vinegarette. All accompanied by local Rosé, sparkling water and, of course, bread (Reblochon is a traditional fondu cheese which is not available in the US).  Bear in mind that lunch is commonly the biggest meal of the day in France and usually takes two hours, but they also work later than in the US. 

This ENTIRE meal (which was FABULOUS!) cost 18€ or $20. I love France!

Bon appétit!

4 thoughts on “Just Another Trip to the Grocery Store. In France. 

  1. Tess, Radishes are one of my favorite vegetables. Those in the photo look so fresh! The French seem to use them more in their cuisine than some of the other countries I have visited. I don’t see them at all I Buenos Aires. What is your observation on this in your extensive travels?

    1. Agree totally. The French love radishes, and the ones the have here are so delicious. I make sandwiches of baguette slices, radishes and salt. In fact, I bought some today just for that purpose. The Japanese use pickled radishes. I’ve had sushi rolls with them. Really good.

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